Student expelled from police university over marijuana import case

A student of the Central Police University has been expelled, and is currently in detention after facing charges over the import of cannabis earlier this year.

According to reports today, November 25, the 20-year-old man, named Hsu, was arrested after taking delivery of a package of marijuana that had been identified by customs officers at Taoyuan International Airport. The package had been sent from Canada.

On August 12, officers from the Taoyuan City Police Department disguised themselves as couriers and delivered the package to Hsu’s home. After Hsu’s mother signed for the package, the officers presented a warrant for Hsu’s arrest. According to an SETN report, Hsu is currently in detention at the Taoyuan Detention Center.

During the investigation, Hsu admitted to importing the cannabis, and he has been charged with offences against the Drug Harm Prevention and Control Act for importing a category two drug. The charges carry a maximum punishment of up to life imprisonment.

The Central Police University confirmed to a CNA reporter that Hsu, a junior student at the university was expelled in August. The school noted that the offences had occurred during the summer vacation, Hsu did not reside in the school dormitory, classes had been delivered online since May, and no other students were involved in the case.

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One thought on “Student expelled from police university over marijuana import case

  • November 25, 2021 at 6:42 pm

    Cannabis has real and proven medical applications for use under naturopathic advice and does not cause strokes or heart failure. Yet something “out there” does these things and more, in spades, and is actually PROMOTED by the so-called “medical community” and “official authorities” who generally evince a panicky knee-jerk reaction to this natural plant material. When is this two-faced and unhelpful discrimination going to end?


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