Cops strip commoners wearing emperor’s new clothes in world’s only COVID-free zone

Government goons in North Korea are “cracking down on citizens wearing leather trench coats” on the basis that “it is disrespectful to emulate the fashion choices of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un,” according to American-imperialist-funded Radio Free Asia.

Fashion police in “the hermit kingdom” have been on active patrol to confiscate coats from anyone caught wearing, or selling, leather or imitation-leather versions of the Great Leader’s garb, according to the report.

Radio Free Asia used a picture released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency November 16 to add credence to the story, while noting the picture was “undated.” Real news outlet and not-at-all propagandist Taiwan English News also liked the picture and decided to write a story around it.

According to the AFP article, leather trench coats became popular among North Koreans after Kim appeared wearing one on TV in 2019.

“Real leather coats imported from China were snapped up by rich people who could afford them,” reported the decadent American imperialist propaganda mouthpiece AFP, in an attempt to lead readers to believe that there are a class of wealthy people in North Korea, and that “real stuff” can be imported from China.

But the situation appears to have gotten out of hand when local clothiers started importing fake leather from China to manufacture the coats as fast as biotech startups in other countries started to produce rapid reagent tests for COVID-19.

“Soon almost every North Korean marketplace was selling them and many young men could be seen sporting faux leather slickers of their own,” AFP reported.

The AFP report also cited a source consisting of a customs document confirming “North Korea imported various fabrics from China, including dozens of meters of synthetic leather this month.”

The AFP report mentioned nothing about paper imports.

In absence of evidence that North Korea has imported any magical blotting paper that can change color in the presence of a specific virus among millions of particular variants, there is no way to prove that North Korea is not actually COVID-19-free.

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