Rumors afoot that Beijing is backing down on anal probes for COVID-19

Chinese language media outlets in Taiwan and other Chinese speaking communities outside of China are saying that people arriving in Beijing will no longer be subjected to anal probing for the “novel coronavirus” COVID-19, but there is no guarantee that foreigners will be exempt.

Beijing authorities instigated anal swab testing in late January, ahead of the annual Lunar New Year Holidays.

The Washington Post said at the time that “Some Chinese doctors say the science is there.”

Fortunately, that meme did not take outside of health officials in Beijing itself. Even Chinese citizens were skeptical of the original government prerogative.

Japan officially requested China to stop the intrusive tests on its citizens last month.

At around the same time, China denied requiring anal swabs from US diplomats, according to the BBC.

Taiwan’s China Times, yesterday, March 13, quoted a Taiwanese person currently quarantined in China reporting receiving a message that they will not be required to render an internal bum-test for the mysterious virus.

While the message was rendered in Chinese, English and Korean, according to the authorities in Beijing, Taiwan is considered to be part of China, so this message to a Taiwanese citizen does not guarantee that people from other countries will not be subjected to an anal probe upon arrival in Beijing.

The official message from the Beijing authorities was:

“The relaxation of the entry rules will come into force on March 16.”

“Previously, those entering Beijing from low-risk domestic areas needed to present a negative nucleic acid test result within seven days before their arrival and undergo further such tests one week and two weeks after their arrival.”

“All areas on the Chinese mainland are categorized as having a low risk of COVID-19 infection as of Friday.”

While Taiwan can never be considered as part of the “Chinese Mainland,” exemption from an anal probe granted to a Taiwanese national could be considered as a courtesy, yet to be extended to the outside world.

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