Lies, damn lies, and COVID statistics: why are obviously non-COVID deaths counted as COVID fatalities?

A migrant worker who died of smoke asphyxiation while quarantined in a building that caught fire in Changhua City last week was added to the list of COVID-19 fatalities, according to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and she may be one of many on the list of COVID deaths who didn’t actually die of COVID. The 43-year-old female Indonesian national tested positive for COVID-19 June 11, after becoming ill June 8, and was staying in a quarantine hotel

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Business, tourism districts ghost towns, but supermarkets packed with crowds after epidemic warning raised to Level 3

People stayed away from normally crowded areas including Taipei City’s Xinyi District, and popular tourist hotspots such as Jiufen, but supermarkets in residential districts around Greater Taipei were crowded with people who waited in cues for up to an hour to stock up on such survival essentials as toilet paper and instant noodles, today, Saturday, May 15. The crowded supermarkets versus empty streets phenomena appeared after the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported 180 new cases of COVID-19, leading to

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Rumors afoot that Beijing is backing down on anal probes for COVID-19

Chinese language media outlets in Taiwan and other Chinese speaking communities outside of China are saying that people arriving in Beijing will no longer be subjected to anal probing for the “novel coronavirus” COVID-19, but there is no guarantee that foreigners will be exempt. Beijing authorities instigated anal swab testing in late January, ahead of the annual Lunar New Year Holidays. The Washington Post said at the time that “Some Chinese doctors say the science is there.” Fortunately, that meme

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Taiwan rejected drug cocktail treatment from the start, and has recorded 6 deaths attributed to COVID-19

Researchers in Hong Kong claimed that COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms recovered more quickly when treated with a combination of three antiviral drugs if treated soon after symptoms appear in a paper published by British medical journal The Lancet, May 8, 2020. However, according to Chang Shan-Chwen ( 張上淳), coordinator of the expert advisory group of Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), the group had considered the treatment method in the initial stages of the outbreak, but rejected it due

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