Rescue Pool Set up at Elementary School to Rehabilitate Stranded Whale

Taipei City Ocean Education Resource Center and the Taiwan Cetacean Society set up an emergency rescue pool at Guandu Elementary School to accommodate a dwarf sperm whale found stranded on a beach near Jinshan yesterday. It is the first case of cetacean rescue and school cooperation.

The dwarf sperm whale was found stranded on Jinqing Beach by the 21st Coastal Patrol Squadron at around 11:00am, March 20. The cetacean is a mature female about 280 centimeters long. A veterinary assessment found that the animal was breathing at a rate of 22 times per 5 minutes, had a heart rate of 62 beats per minute, was lean, and not suffering trauma. The assessors determined that the animal was not fit for release and needed rehabilitation.

After receiving a call at around noon yesterday, Guandu Elementary School administration staff mobilized to set up an emergency rescue pool. After a full night’s care, the whale was able to float, swim, balance, and feed.

Students were able to visit and quietly observe the whale throughout the school day today, while a cctv video feed allowed students to tune in at anytime to observe the rescue and rehabilitation operation.

rescue pool for whale
A pool set up at Guandu Elementary School to accommodate a dwarf sperm whale.
dwarf sperm whale on beach in northern Taiwan
Coast Guard officers provide emergency care for a stranded whale on a beach in Jinshan, New Taipei City, March 20, 2018.
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