Caramel Milk Tea Fans Slam McDonald’s New Breakfast Menu

Frustrated customers have turned to social media to put pressure on McDonald’s Taiwan to reverse their decision to remove caramel milk tea from their breakfast menu. The “Bring Back My Caramel Milk Tea” (還我焦糖奶茶) Facebook community page has so far attracted more than 13,000 followers.

The breakfast menu at the popular chain restaurant was recently revised, and March 21, caramel milk tea was replaced by ordinary milk tea. The milk tea is served with regular white sugar, allowing customers to choose the level of sweetness themselves. But fans of caramel milk tea say the regular milk tea is “unpleasant to drink,” and are begging MacDonald’s to bring back the caramel milk tea.

McDonald’s say that caramel milk tea was a poor performer that had struggled in the market for many years. In a statement yesterday, the company wrote: “Taiwan McDonald’s considers consumer preferences and market conditions as a whole, and continuously adjusts the menu, and develops more new options for consumers.”

The Facebook group has created images and messages that the creators hope will turn into Internet memes.

caramel milk tea and the ROC (Taiwan) flag

jesus and protestors for caramel milk tea

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