Protesters Clash with Police over Labor Law Reform

[Picture: United Daily News]

Protesters gathered outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei City today as the Social and Economic Committee of the Legislative Yuan and the Economic Commission continued to review revisions of the Labor Standards Act. At close to noon protesters charged the police line and clashes ensued.

Shortly after, a second wave managed to break through, and a group of protesters occupied the front steps, sitting down and hooking arms to form a human chain. Serious conflict broke out as police tried to remove the group. Protesters complained that the police hit people and that officers had 5-6 on 1 dragged individuals away.

The draft amendment to the Labor Standards Act would allow employers in certain industries to reduce the rest period between shifts for some workers from 11 hours to eight hours, and to increase the maximum number of consecutive working days from 6 to 12.

police and protesters get physical
Police attempt to drag people off the steps of the Legislative Yuan building in Taipei City, December 4, 2017. Picture: United Daily News.

Inside the Legislative Yuan, legislators also got physical as opposition KMT party representatives rushed the podium in an attempt to prevent procedures and discussion going forward. However, DPP members had arrived as early as 7:00am in order to defend the podium from any attempt at occupation by the opposition.

legislators clash in the Legislative Yuan
DPP and opposition party legislators clash in the Legislative Yuan today, December 4, 2017. Picture: China Times.
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