Police will summon foreigner and issue a fine of NT$300 after dangerous skateboard stunt in Taipei City goes viral

Police will identify and summon a man who performed a dangerous skateboard stunt in Taipei City recently, and he will be fined NT$300 (US$9.84) for breaching traffic regulations, according to reports in Taiwan’s Chinese language media today, December 4.

Red Bull skate squad members 23-year-old Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, 20, and Alex Midler, 21, visited Taiwan some time in the last year as part of a trip exploring skate spots around the world.

The trio spent around one year putting together video of their exploits titled “You Good?”

RedBull Skateboarding uploaded the video to their You Tube channel December 2, and and it has received more than 398,000 views at the time of writing, December 4.

Citizens of Taiwan became aware of the video after a copy was uploaded to Facebook by a local skate supply store yesterday, December 3.

skateboard stunt performed in Taipei City

The video opens with the American daredevil trio skating various spots in Taipei City, and other locations around the world, frequently falling off their boards, and injuring themselves in the process. Every time one of the skaters has an accident, his fellows check up on his condition by asking “you good?”

At 6:09 in the 20 minute-long video, one of the skateboarders is seen preparing for the controversial stunt by dropping down, without his skateboard, from an approximately 3.5 meter-high wall above the entrance to the underground section of Fuxing North Road. The skater lands on a ramp-like traffic divider. The skater is then seen with skateboard at his side, contemplating the drop from below.

At 6:15, two firetrucks and an ambulance are visible. An ambulance officer alights from his vehicle onto the central traffic divider to see what is going on. The video then cuts to two police officers questioning the men.

Ambulance officer seen at scene of skateboard stunt, during preparations.
An ambulance officer is seen at the scene, before the actual stunt was performed.
Police seen speaking to suspicious skater boys.
Police are seen talking to the skaters, apparently before the stunt took place.

At 6:19, the skater performs the stunt.

Police in Taipei City reassured the public it was taking the issue seriously after the incident was widely reported in local media.

Police said that the man had committed an offense according to Article 78, paragraph 4, of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations – “Running, chasing around, playing, sitting, lying, squatting, or standing on roadways with heavy traffic or at railroad crossings in a manner that impedes traffic.”

Article 78 states that breaches of the regulations shall be punished with an NT$300. Article 78 relates to breaches of traffic regulations by pedestrians. As skateboards are not regarded as vehicles according to Taiwan law, skateboard users are treated as pedestrians, police explained.

Police also warned the public not to copy the dangerous behavior shown in the video.

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