Police shoot suspect in the leg after raid on underground gunsmith

Police arrested three people during a raid on a gun-making workshop in New Taipei City this morning, and shot one suspect who fled the apartment armed with a pistol.

Police Swat team officers broke down the door of an apartment on the fourth floor of a residential building on Fuhe Road in Yonghe District at 7:00 am, December 23, in the pursuit of a suspect believed to be making modified firearms. The 45-year-old man, named Chen had an extensive criminal history that included shooting at police, and standing off with police armed with an improvised explosive.

Police arrested three suspects inside the apartment, but Chen had already fled through a window armed with a handgun.

Chen stood on an third-floor awning, standing off with police for around 30 minutes. When Chen suddenly reached into his jacket pocket, shots rang out from police guns.

A total of 11 shots were fired, one of which hit Chen in the left thigh. With his leg bleeding heavily, Chen was grabbed by officers from inside the building, and pulled in through a window.

Police confiscated a total of six handguns, 40 rounds of ammunition, equipment for making and modifying firearms, and a quantity of drugs.

guns, ammunition, drugs, and other evidence confiscated.
Guns, ammunition, drugs, and other evidence seized in the raid on Chen’s apartment.

Chen was sent to hospital in an ambulance to be treated for the gunshot wound. The three other suspects; two men, and one woman, were interrogated before being handed over to the District Prosecutor’s Office to face charges relating to drugs and firearms offences.

In March this year, police from Banqiao Police Precinct investigating a drugs and firearms case confronted Chen in Ximen District, Taipei City. Chen drew a gun on the officers, and fired two shots before he was restrained and arrested. Police confiscated one pistol, 36 rounds of ammunition, and two packs of amphetamines during his arrest. However, Chen was released on medical parole in order to seek treatment for a condition in August.

In 2004, Chen had engaged in a stand off with police armed with 6 handguns and a homemade grenade.

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