Monkeys with the munchies show no respect for the law: even police patrol car raided for snacks and drinks in Taiwan’s highest national park

Yushan National Park Headquarters has issued a warning to visitors to keep their vehicles locked, and to not feed the monkeys, as a troop of Formosan macaques grows increasingly bolder, recently even raiding a police patrol car parked at a popular trailhead.

National park administrators warned that a group of macaques called the “Tataka Troop” have been carrying out depredations on tourists visiting the park, and even police officers on patrol are not immune.

The key to stopping these attacks is to not leave food and drinks exposed, and to keep them locked in cars and motorcycle compartments, a Yushan National Park spokesperson said.

monkeys search known locations on motor scooters for food
Monkeys search for food in the usual locations. Original pictures: Yushan National Park Headquarters.

Many people in Taiwan have the habit of carrying drinks and snacks in plastic bags, and the monkeys have learned to target these easy pickings. People on scooters should lock food and drinks in the under-seat compartment, and not leave them hanging on the helmet hook. If carrying food when hiking, secure it in a backpack, and don’t carry it in a plastic bag in hand, the spokesperson advised.

Recently, one bold member of the lawless Tataka Troop was photographed with a cup of bubble tea looted from a police patrol car after a careless officer forgot to close the window. Another member of the troop had already made away with a cup of instant noodles.

The Formosan macaque is an intelligent, and wily animal, with no respect for the law.

National Park authorities warned that it is illegal to feed wild animals, and violators could be fined up to NT$3,000.

National Parks warning don't feed the monkeys
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