Police officer stayed calm while giant hornet chewed into his ear

A police officer remained calm, and endured a Asian giant hornet gnawing into the flesh and cartilage of his ear for five minutes in order to avoid being stung, yesterday, December 5.

Zhang Wen-long (張文勇), 51, was on duty at the Dajia River Power Plant at around 9:00 am, when the Asian giant hornet landed on the side of his face. Realizing the danger of being stung in the temple by the venomous insect, Zhang remained calm and avoided swiping at the intruder.

However, while Zhang stood still, he could feel the hornet starting to gnaw into the flesh of his ear. Zhang started walking slowly towards a nearby bathroom, where he could use a mirror to try to see what the animal was doing.

After entering the bathroom, Zhang endured the sound of the creature grinding into the cartilage of his ear, and used his phone to take a picture.

The hornet then flew away from Zhang’s face. Zhang closed the door, killed the hornet with a towel, and “smashed it pieces.”

A dead hornet that allegedly gnawed into human flesh

Officer Zhang did not seek medical attention for the bite, but posted the pictures to Facebook. Zhang’s Facebook friends praised him for his bravery, and expressed surprise that a hornet had chewed on human flesh.

“Hornets are carnivorous,” Zhang laughed.

injured ear after being chewed by hornet
Dead, blood-filled hornet
Officer Zhang gives the meat-eating carnivore hornet the finger.
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