Mother on Stolen Motorcycle Leads Police on a High Speed Chase: 2 Year Old Son No Helmet

Reading the Taiwan media every day, it’s obvious that Taiwan is in the grip of an amphetamine epidemic. Every day tales of violence and reckless, stupid behavior emerge, but are largely ignored in favor of stories about politics, celebrity gossip, and food.

Today, a woman in Kaohsiung with multiple drug convictions led police on a chase for more than twelve minutes, traveling at reckless speeds, and into the path of oncoming traffic while carrying her 2 year old son. The kid was not even wearing a helmet.

After police managed to block her path, she used the screaming, terrified kid as a shield, attempting to avoid arrest. The woman, who was riding a stolen motorcycle, was found to be in the possession of amphetamines and a pipe.

At the local police station, they gave the boy cookies and called a social worker to help out. The boy has been put in the care of his paternal grandparents.


Sources: CTi, CNA

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