Bamboo Bats and Paper Mitts: Grandfathers Show Youngsters How They Played the Game

Ilan County: Qixian Elementary School held a baseball game with a difference today when grandfathers teamed up to play a game against the kids. But first, they had to make the baseball gear.

When granddad was a kid, Taiwan was not the wealthy country it is today. Money was scarce, and simple stuff like balls, bats, and baseball mitts were hard to come by. However, kids will never let anything get in the way of having fun, and Taiwanese kids are very serious about baseball.

The grandfathers taught the kids how to make a bamboo baseball bat, a tightly-wrapped paper ball, and mitts made from newspaper. The catcher’s protective gear was made out of cardboard. After manufacturing everything they needed to play the game, the players hit the field for a friendly match. Although the grandfathers had greater experience, the kids had superior running power. The game ended 6-6: everybody won.

A boy displays a ball he made himself, along with homemade mitts, and body armor used in a baseball game in Taiwan
Young players show the baseball gear they made themselves before playing a game with an older generation.
A player uses a bamboo bat to hit a homemade ball in Ilan County, Taiwan
A baseball match in Ilan County, Taiwan, where the baseball gear was made by the players, not bought

Sources: CTi, TTV.

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