Killer Driver in Custody: Toddler Fights for Life

A woman who caused a car accident that killed three members of a family of five in Pingtung County Friday, August 4, will be kept in custody after a court ruling this morning.

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Ms Yang, 36, sped away after rear-ending a car stopped at a red light in Wandan township at around 10:00pm Friday evening. Two hundred meters down the road, Yang rear-ended another car carrying two adults and three children, also stopped at a red light. The second car careered into the center of the intersection and was t-boned by another car.

A man, also named Yang, his 7 year-old son and 9 year-old daughter, were killed in the accident. A three year-old girl was seriously injured and is currently in a coma. The mother of the children was also injured but not critically.

A total of 7 people were left injured after the accident.

family of 5 destroyed in fatal car accident
The Yang family, 3 of whom died in a car accident Friday, August 4.

Driver Arrested

Yang Shuting was arrested yesterday after receiving treatment for minor injuries. While in hospital, Yang was approached by a reporter from Next Media, but stayed focused on her phone, and refused to answer questions.

Last night the District Prosecutor’s Office determined that Yang was a flight risk and made a request to the District Court to keep her in custody. The Pingtung District Court approved the request this morning.

Also this morning, Ms Yang’s husband bowed in apology and explained that his wife had no intention of running away and would bear full responsibility for the accident. Mr Yang said of the accident that his wife had a “poor mental condition at the time and did not know what was going on.”

According to Apple Daily, police described Ms Yang as “different from ordinary people” in terms of her demeanor after the accident. Police said that Yang was “emotionally stable” and unshaken after the accident.

woman in hospital bed
Ms Yang, who ran a red light at speed, resulting in the death of 3 people is seen focused on her phone while laying in a hospital bed.

Critically Injured Kid

Members of a Wandan township residents’ Facebook group posted a picture of the critically injured 3 year-old girl this morning, and users responded with comments of encouragement. “Come on, wake up, your mother is waiting for you” one member wrote. “Come on, your mom needs you,” wrote another.

The child underwent a 2 hour surgery Saturday afternoon to remove a blood clot from her brain. Sunday afternoon media reports said her condition had stabilized and she had opened her eyes.

The mother, who is also in intensive care for observation due to slight internal bleeding, had her hospital bed moved next to her daughter’s so she can provide support and encouragement.

critically injured girl after emergency craniotomy
A three year-old girl is one of two survivors of a family of five after a fatal accident Friday night.
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