Driver Runs Red Light: Kills 3 Injures 7

A driver in Pingtung County last night sped away after a minor collision with another vehicle, then ran a red light and crashed into two other cars, leaving 3 dead and 7 injured.

The 36 year-old female driver named Yang was not intoxicated at the time, but maintains that she doesn’t remember what happened.

At around 10:00pm Friday, August 4, Yang was driving a silver SUV in Wandan township when she collided with a stationary car stopped at a red light. Yang then accelerated away from the scene of the accident and collided with two sedans after running a red light at another intersection.

One car was carrying a husband and wife with their three children. Three of the family, the father, his 9 year-old daughter and 7 year-old son, are dead, while a 3 year-old girl is seriously injured and fighting for her life after being transferred to a hospital in Kaohsiung City. The mother of the children was reported injured, but not seriously.

Other injured include a 54 year-old man, a 15 year-old girl, and Ms Yang.

mangled wreck of car
The mangled wreck of a car that was carrying a family of five.

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