Fast and Furious: Off-duty cop suspected of forcing driver to crash in road rage incident

An off-duty police officer is under investigation for multiple charges, including attempted homicide, after he allegedly chased a motorist, bumping into his car several times, before apparently using a PIT maneuver to cause the driver to lose control and crash in Nantou County yesterday, May 21.

According to the police investigation so far, the police officer, named Chiou, from Changhua County, was driving on a mountain road in Mingjian Township, Nantou County, when he alleges that a vehicle coming from the other direction came so close to his car that it clipped the left side mirror.

Chiou claimed that the other driver didn’t stop, so he turned around and followed the vehicle, accidentally bumping into it when the other driver suddenly hit the brakes.

However, video footage from a traffic monitor at the time of the crash, showed both vehicles travelling at high speed, and the front of Chiou’s car making contact with the left rear of the white sedan, causing the rear tires to lose traction before the vehicle flipped over.

The driver of the white sedan, a 64-year-old man, named Chang, suffered an injured hand, and was taken to the hospital.

Police interviewed Chang today and Chang claimed that he had stopped his vehicle after the original incident, and that he had driven away in fear for his safety when Chiou approached his car yelling. Chang said that Chiou then chased him, and bumped into the back of his vehicle five times before forcing him to lose control and crash. Chang made a formal accusation against Chiou for attempted murder, injury, damage, and obstruction of freedom.

Chiou also made a formal accusation against Chang for public danger, damage, and injury.

The case was handed over to the District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

The Changhua County Police Department held a press conference this afternoon and said that Chiou was suspected of public danger and other crimes, and the department will cooperate fully with the Nantou Police Department to investigate the matter and handle it according to the law. Chang has already received a demerit and will be transferred to other duties while the investigation continues.

Accused off-duty cop gets out of his car to yell at other driver after crash
Chiou was seen getting out of his car to yell at Chang after the crash.
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