Elderly woman loses two bundles of cash: both turned in to police by separate finders

Police in Kaohsiung City took just three hours to find the owner of two bundles of cash handed in by separate finders on November 11, Apple Daily, and ET Today reported today.

According to the reports, an 82-year-old woman named Hsu, withdrew NT$20,000 from a post office in Daliao District on Wednesday, and stuffed the money into one of her pockets.

While walking home, and unbeknownst to Ms Hsu, a portion of the cash fell out of her pocket at one location, and the rest fell out around 50 meters away.

Fortunately for Ms Hsu, both bundles were found by honest citizens, who handed in the money to the local police station.

A police officer, also named Hsu, but not related to the owner, accessed street camera footage to identify the owner of the cash. Officer Hsu went to a local market and showed vendors pictures in an attempt to identify and locate the woman.

Fortunately, a pork vendor recognized the picture and was able to help the police to find Ms Hsu.

When police arrived at Ms Hsu’s residence, the distraught woman and her daughter were just about to call police after retracing her steps but failing to find the missing cash.

street camera footage showing woman losing cash
street camera footage showing man finding cash

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