Drunk Driver Hits and Kills Woman then Drives 3km with Body on Roof

An elderly woman was hit and killed in Hsinchu County this morning, and the driver fled the scene with the woman upside down on the roof, and her head stuck in the windshield. The woman’s body fell off the vehicle while he was making a left turn around 3 kilometers from the scene of the accident.

Ms Wu, 77, was with her husband, on their way to do their morning exercises on Xinhe Road at around 4:00am when she was hit at high speed by a drunk 32 year-old driver named Chen. The impact caused Ms Wu’s head to go through the windshield with her body on its back on the roof of the Mini Cooper sedan.

Chen fled the scene and drove a further 3 kilometers before Wu’s lifeless body fell off the vehicle and landed on the road. Wu’s husband followed the route of the car and found his wife laying in a pool of blood on the road. Mr Wu called emergency services, but paramedics found Ms Wu had lost vital signs, and she was later declared dead in the hospital.

Police found Chen’s license plate at the scene of the accident and quickly tracked him down. Chen was found to have an alcohol blood level of BrAC 2.1mg/l. The conversion chart used by Taiwan English News only goes up to 1.43mg/l, which converts to a breath alcohol value of 0.30%.

Chen at first admitted to drunk driving, but denied hitting Ms Wu, and told police he did not know, and did not feel an impact.

Police charged Chen with negligent death, endangering the public, and leaving the scene of an accident.

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