Chemical Leak from Factory Blaze Causes Fish-kill in Local Streams

More than 10 tons of dead fish were collected from streams in Taoyuan City, after chemical contamination from a factory destroyed by fire over the weekend caused waters to turn acidic.

Dead fish floated on the surface of local streams and covered creek banks beginning Sunday, after a fire, which was still smoldering this morning, Tuesday, May 1, consumed much of the multi-story printed circuit board factory Saturday night.

Five fire fighters, and two Thai nationals employed at the factory were killed in the blaze. Another five firefighters were hospitalized after being contaminated by chemicals stored at the factory.

PH levels in streams downstream of the factory dropped as low as PH1 after wastewater and chemicals leaked from the burning factory, according to reports in Liberty Times and SET News. Normal rainwater has a PH level of 5, and vinegar has a PH value of 3, the reports stated as comparison. Witnesses reported seeing the water turn green.

The factory owner, Chin Poon Industrial, sent more than 100 employees to assist in cleaning up the dead fish this morning. Taoyuan City provided vehicles to cart away more than 10 tons of dead fish to prevent secondary contamination from rotting fish carcasses.

fishkill cleanup
Workers cleanup dead fish after chemical contamination from an electronics manufacturer polluted streams in Taoyuan City, May 1, 2018. Picture: Facebook via SETN.
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