Man’s attempt to evade the law thwarted when he chooses wrong fake ID

A man pulled over for a minor traffic infringement in Kaohsiung City was arrested yesterday, after he gave police his brother’s ID number, unaware that prosecutors had issued a warrant for his brother’s arrest. According to reports, Mr Chen, 49, was pulled over by police, Sunday, November 29, after they spotted him using a mobile phone while waiting for a red light on a scooter in Xinxing District. Chen was not carrying ID, and when asked for his ID number,

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Employee launches unsuccessful car attack on uni admin center after work performance criticized

A university employee drank whiskey and smoked marijuana before attempting to drive his car into the administration center of Taipei National University of the Arts, yesterday, September 9. According to the police investigation, the 57-year-old man, named Lee, worked as a housekeeper and administrator at a university dormitory. Lee became disgruntled after he was called in for an interview during which his work performance was criticized. In response, Lee, who is said to come from a well-off family, drove his

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Ordinary masks not effective for new variants: Chinese expert advises on new solutions

As the world grapples with a rapidly mutating virus that experts in the west have openly admitted is “smarter than us,” a senior expert in China has proffered advice that could save your life. Zeng Guang, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, with the title of Chief Epidemiologist, offered several solutions in the fight against the Delta variant. Zeng Guang pointed out that in the early days, the

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Man who robbed four shops gets instant karma when he reports scooter theft

A man who reported the theft of his motorcycle was promptly arrested when a police officer recognized him as a suspect seen on traffic monitor footage during an investigation into four shop robberies in Hsinchu County, yesterday, May 22. The 30-year-old man, named Luo, threatened storekeepers with a hammer, demanding they hand over their cash at four traditional grocery stores in Hukou and Xinfeng districts late yesterday afternoon. Escaping on a scooter with a surgical mask covering the license plate,

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