Ambulance Smashes into Police Car: 1 Dead, 5 Injured

Photo: United Daily News

One person died, and four were injured, when an ambulance traveling at high speed hit a police car, turned over, and ended up in a ditch. The accident occurred at 14:45 Xu Jia Township, Chiayi County.

Both vehicles were traveling in the same direction when police spotted a motorcyclist riding without a helmet. Video from the ambulance’ dash-cam shows the police car indicating a left turn. The ambulance, was about to overtake the police car at the time, and was traveling too fast to react to the signal.

Despite the ambulance siren, the police driver seemed to be oblivious to the speeding vehicle about to overtake him, and executed the turn.

The 68 year-old patient, who was being rushed to hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest, died at the scene. The 5 injured, included 3 medical workers, and two police officers.

Both parties are denying responsibility for the accident, and netizens are split about who is at fault. Some say the ambulance was going too fast, and some say the police car turned too quickly.

An ambulance in a ditch after being hitting a police car at high speed in Chiayi County Taiwan, November 6, 2016
Photo: Apple Daily

A police car and ambulance after a collision in Chiayi County, Taiwan, November 6, 2016

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