10 Injured in Family Arson Case: Brother Arrested

A man set fire to his family’s home in the early hours of this morning in Keelung City. A total of 9 people, including a 1 month-old baby required hospital treatment for smoke inhalation.

Mr Yang, 29, had long resented the way he was treated by his elder and younger brothers. He claims to have lost his temper after family members looked at the contents of his cellphone. Yang, who is said to be on the autistic spectrum, told police that he wanted to burn his whole family to death.

At around 2:00am, Yang went to a gas station and filled up a 25 liter fuel container. He then returned home and poured the liquid around the living room and set it alight. After lighting the fluid he ran away.

Keelung Fire Bureau received a report about a fire at a residence in Wah Street at around 3:00am. A total of 15 emergency vehicles were dispatched along with 44 personnel.

Apple Daily reported that when police and fire officers arrived at the scene, thick black smoke was pouring out of the third floor apartment. Firefighters immediately aimed fire hoses at the apartment and broke down the door to rescue trapped residents.

All nine residents of the 3rd floor required hospital treatment for smoke inhalation, including a 1 month-old infant. One couple with a 9 month old infant escaped the building when the fire broke out. The infant was given oxygen treatment at the scene.

The building consisted of 5 floors, all occupied by the Yang family.

The arsonist turned himself in to police at around 7:00am. He had suffered burns to both legs and his left hand, and also required hospitalization.

scprched interior of a bedroom
The scorched interior of a bedroom after the fire was extinguished in Keelung City, June 21, 2017. Picture: United Daily News.
man seen buying fuel at a gas station before an arson case in Keelung City, Taiwan, June 21, 2017
Mr Yang is seen on security monitors while purchasing fuel in order to burn his family to death. Picture: United Daily News.
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