Ultralight Plane Breaks up After Emergency Beach Landing in Taitung

Two occupants of an ultralight aircraft declined medical treatment after making a forced landing on a beach near Chenggong Township in Taitung County this afternoon, December 6. The plane broke into several pieces after landing.

Taitung County Fire Services Center received the first report of the incident at 15:33 pm. A member of the public reported that an airplane had lost power and made a forced landing on the beach, and that two pilots had disembarked from the wrecked aircraft. Three emergency vehicles and a coast guard boat were dispatched to the scene.

The occupants of the plane suffered only light abrasions, according to media reports. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

ultralight aircraft crashed on Taitung beach
The wreck of an ultralight airplane after it made a forced landing on a beach in Taitung County, December 6, 2018. Picture: coast guard.

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