Three Workers Injured in Gas Blast: Gas Company Can’t Find Shut-off Valve

Taichung City. Road construction workers hit an underground gas pipe, causing a fire that injured three workers, one of whom suffered burns to 15-20% of his body this afternoon. Firefighters stood by and sprayed the area with water for over three hours while the gas company searched for a shut-off valve.

Flames were seen spurting over 6 meters high just meters from a residential building, while firefighters could do little but attempt to suppress the ambient temperature to prevent the fire spreading to the buildings.

The Taichung City Fire Department received a call at around 3:00pm, and the fire was eventually extinguished at 6:44pm, after the gas company finally located the shut-off valve.

The three injured workers are being treated at Taichung Veteran’s Hospital and are said to be conscious, and their lives not in danger.

firefighters in Taichung City
Firefighters spray a gas fire with water in an attempt to suppress the temperature to prevent nearby residences catching fire after a gas pipe is breached in Taichung City, April 29, 2017.

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