Three Injured by Falling Rocks on Cross-Island Highway

[Cover picture: United Daily News]

A Japanese cyclist and a two women on a scooter were injured when rocks tumbled onto the Central Cross Island Highway in the vicinity of The Tunnel of Nine Turns in Hualian County today.

Hiroyuki Shirai, 35, from Shizuoka Prefecture, was taken to hospital unconscious and suffering head injuries after being hit by the falling rocks.

A 24 year-old woman and her mother, both from Taipei, were also sent to hospital with injuries described as not serious. Ms Tu was riding a scooter and carrying her mother as pillion.

Ms Tu’s sister was traveling on a separate scooter in front of the pair. The sister said she heard a sound behind her, and when she looked back she saw that her sister and mother had crashed. Nearby lay a prostrate cyclist who was bleeding profusely from his head.

cyclist on road after being injured by falling rocks
A cyclist is seen after being hit by falling rocks in Hualian County, September 9, 2017. Picture: Central News Agency.

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