Taiwan’s Highest Road Race: The Wuling Challenge

Three thousand cyclists joined the 11th annual Wuling Challenge in Nantou County today, September 11, 2016. The race began in Puli Village, at an altitude of 555 meters above sea level, and finished at an altitude of 3275 meters at Wuling.

The race was won by 31 year-old Li Qi-hong, who completed the 55 kilometer route in 2 hours, 46 minutes, 57 seconds.

Local competitors were joined by 63 international competitors from 9 countries including Britain, China, the United States, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, and France.

Riders set off from Puli at 5:00am. The age of competitors ranged from 13 to 71 years-old.

In previous years, the race has seen up to 6,800 participants, but this year the Nantou County government decided to limit participation to 3000 in the interests of safety, and to reduce inconvenience to local residents and road users.

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