Taiwan White Terror Period Featured in New Video Game

A new video game set during Taiwan’s martial law era went live on Steam January 13 and has received “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on the game platform in the few days since release.

“Detention” is a 2D horror genre game developed by Taiwan’s Taipei-based game studio Red Candle Games. It features horror elements from Buddhist and Taoist religions, as well as Taiwanese folk superstitions.

Called “Back to School” in the Chinese language version, the game is set on an isolated school campus during the 1960s, when Taiwan was under martial law. Graphics and sound are inspired by Taiwanese literature, film and music, and the musical score was developed by composer Weifan Chang.

The game achieved “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on the Steam gaming platform, consisting of 97% positive responses from a total of 880 player reviews. The game can be played in English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Japanese.


Red Candle Games
Based in Taipei, Taiwan

Release date:

Jan, 12, 2017


PC / Mac / Linux



Regular Price:

USD 11.99
EUR 11.99
CAD 12.99
GBP 8.99
NTD 299

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