Pollution Traced to Petrochemical Plant

Pollution that resulted in a Miaoli County stream turning a milky-white color was traced to a Petrochemical plant in an industrial area today. The EPA have opened legal proceedings against the company responsible.

Miaoli County Government Environmental Protection Bureau officers traced the source of the pollution after complaints by local residents who said that the stream changed color on a daily basis. Sometimes the water turns red, sometimes blue, and the last few days, milky white.

EPB officers inspected plants in an industrial area upstream and found abnormalities in the wastewater system of China Petrochemical Development Corporation (CPDC).

The EPB opened legal proceedings to fine the company and order improvements in wastewater treatment and handling. Under the terms of the water pollution act, the company will be fined between NT$60,000 and NT$20 million.

County government member Chen Guang-xuan (陳光軒) said that as the polluted stream flows into a protected ecological area downstream, the source of the pollution needs to be proactively investigated.

CPDC describes itself as a supplier of upstream raw material for resin, engineering plastics, and synthetic fibers.

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