NT$200,000 Cash Thrown Out with the Trash

A man in Chiayi County was lucky enough to recover a bundle of cash that he accidentally threw out with the trash.

Chiayi County Environmental Protection Bureau director Yan Xuming (顏旭明) told CNA today, November 28, that a resident of Taibao City had inadvertently thrown out NT$200,000 (US$6,675) on November 24. Fortunately the man was able to contact the EPB in time to prevent the cash being incinerated.

The EPB contacted the trash truck driver before he reached the incinerator. The driver unloaded the trash on the grounds at the incineration plant, allowing the owner of the money to rummage through it and locate his bundle of cash.

man rummaging through trash
A man rummages through the garbage in pursuit of a bundle of cash he accidentally threw out with the trash. Picture: Chiayi county EPB.

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