North Korean Soldiers On the Run in China: Shootout with Chinese Police

Five North Korean soldiers on border-guard duty crossed into China on July 23, committing armed robberies in two villages. Two were detained after a shootout with Chinese military police this morning, July 28, while three are still on the run.

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, authorities in Jilin Province told residents to be on the alert and to try to avoid going out at night until the three men are caught. Several Chinese military police officers were injured in the shootout, two critically.

The North Korean soldiers are said to have taken ammunition and crossed the border on July 23. Since then they have committed robberies in two villages, one 17 kilometers from the border.

The report noted that since 2000, famine in North Korea has led to many instances of soldiers or North Korean citizens raiding Chinese peasant households near the border.

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