Body of Missing Ecologist Found

The body of missing ecologist Wang Wulang was found yesterday in long grass about 320 meters from the lighthouse on Pengjia Islet. He had been reported missing the previous weekend after failing to return from the island by ferry to Keelung.

The prominent ecology lecturer had a passion for coastal environments, and had once spent 67 days walking Taiwan’s 1,500 kilometer coastline. He lectured for the Wilderness Protection Society and National Museum of Marine Science and Technology.

2-meter tall grass had prevented searchers from locating him earlier in the the week. During yesterday’s search, the search party was alerted by a strong smell, which they followed into the long grass where the body was found.

A forensic examination found injuries to his neck and say he died of dehydration. Examiners said his injuries were consistent with slipping and falling on a slope. Mr Wang’s brother expressed surprise at the finding, noting Wang had remaining food and water when he died.

Police show the place where Wang Wulang's body was found
The location of Wang Wulang’s body when found by search and rescue team members July 27, 2016
Wang Wulang, ecologist
Wang Wulang was a passionate defender of the coastal environment
Pengjia Island, Taiwan
Pengjia Island of the south coast of Taiwan is accessible by ferry from Keelung
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2 thoughts on “Body of Missing Ecologist Found

  • September 6, 2016 at 9:48 am

    I find this highly suspicious. An experienced hiker slipped and fell THERE? In the grass, on that mild slope? With injuries to his neck? And died of dehydration with enough food and water in his pack?

    No way. That’s foul play. I want justice for this man.

    • January 6, 2017 at 1:15 am

      I agree, it’s highly suspicious. It even looks like his body was purposely hidden.


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