Man Decapitates himself in Gruesome Suicide by Car

A man in Miaoli County tied one end of a steel cable around a utility pole, and the other end around his neck, before getting into his car and stepping on the gas this afternoon, January 16.

Shortly after 3:00 pm police in Zhunan Township received a call from a horrified member of the public who reported stumbling across a human head on the sidewalk on Kezhuan Road. Upon investigation, police located the head, and found the headless body of a 57 year-old man named Tsai in a car located 100 meters away from the utility pole.

Police described the method of suicide as “rarely seen.”

Mr Tsai, a resident of Kaohsiung City, left a suicide note in the car in which he apologized to his parents and family, with whom he had had no contact for more than 10 years. Tsai’s family had reported him as a missing person 7 years ago.

cable around light pole.
A steel cable is seen tied around a light pole in Zhunan Township in Miaoli County, January 16, 2018. Police found a receipt for the purchase of the cable in the suicide victim’s car.

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