Green Island Tainted by Oil Spill

At least 8 kilometers of coastline on Green Island in Taitung County has been contaminated by heavy oil, according to reports verified by coast guard officials stationed on the island.

Liberty Times Network reported that reports of the oil spill began around 7:00pm March 10.

Taitung Environmental Protection Bureau sent a team to investigate the oil spill. Saturday morning March 11, investigators found that around 10 kilometers, or around one-third of the island’s coastline had been contaminated by heavy oil. The affected coastline stretched from the port of Zhongliao to Gongguan Village.

Video posted to Facebook also showed heavy oil on the seabed at the popular scuba diving and snorkeling location.

oil spill on green island, taiwan March 11, 2017
Oil on the coast of Green Island March 11, 2017. Source: Facebook

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