Driverless Electric Buses to Debut in Kaohsiung, 2017

Driverless electric buses will ply a route around Kaohsiung’s Hamaxing District in October next year, when Kaohsiung City hosts EcoMobility World Festival 2017.

The district will be closed to private vehicles for the month of October, as Kaohsiung City, and exhibitors from around the world showcase environmental and people-friendly forms of urban transportation.

The French-made NAVYA ARMA is a driverless electric vehicle that can accommodate up to 15 passengers and travel up to 45 kilometers per hour, while avoiding obstacles and pedestrians.

Hamaxing, also known as Hamasen, is a historic port district of Kaohsiung City which gained importance during the Japanese colonial era. It is adjacent to Ape Hill, and a pedestrian/cycling tunnel connects it to Sun Yat-sen University.

The buses will make an approximately 2 kilometer circuit of the district.

Hamaxing District of Kaohsiung District showing driver-less electric bus route October 2017 Ecomobility Festival

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