Cops Bust Marijuana Cigar Shop in Kaohsiung

[Cover Picture: United Daily News]

Criminal Investigation Bureau officers in Kaohsiung City arrested two men growing cannabis above a cigar shop in Lingya District yesterday, September 13.

According to a Liberty Times Network report, the first floor housed the cigar shop, the third floor was used for growing, and the second floor functioned as a lounge where customers could smoke pot.

Sixty-one mature plants were confiscated along with the finished product, seeds, equipment used for growing, and a device for smoking.

Police said they were tipped off about the operation several months ago and began investigating the case. The CIB telecommunications investigation team was also involved in the investigation.

The two suspects were a man named Lin, 62, and a man named Jiang, 61. At a court appearance, Jiang admitted that he had smoked pot for 10 years and had grown the plants for his own use. He denied selling the marijuana. Lin denied being involved.

plants under grow lights
Cannabis plants grown indoors above a cigar shop in Kaohsiung City.

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