Beijing Gives the Hush Order on Scholar’s Funeral

Picture from a Communist Chinese website.

Chinese Communist Party officials quashed plans for a grand farewell for late scholar Zhou You-guang, in his hometown of Changzhou Saturday, January 21, 2017.

The 111 year-old scholar, known as “the father of pinyin” passed away January 14, just one day after his eleventy-first birthday.

Beijing let Changzhou know who’s boss by insisting that only family members and friends could attend his funeral, and no outsiders or media were allowed.

It was a quiet ceremony.

According to a report by Liberty Times Network, Zhou had hoped for a Taiwan funeral director to have managed his funeral, and to have given him a western style send-off.

“The years passed like water” – Zhou Youguang (title of last book published by him in 2015)

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