Remote Mountain Cabin Defaced with “Foreign Graffiti”

A remote mountain cabin used by hikers and researchers in Yushan (Mt. Jade) National Park has been found defaced by graffiti in English and French. Images began circulating on social media yesterday.

Dafen Mountain Cabin, 40 kilometers from the Walami trail-head in Hualien and at an altitude of 1320 meters, requires a 3 day hike to reach. It is considered Taiwan’s most important Formosan black bear research area.

On the outside of the cabin is spray-painted “La Balle” (the ball), along with “merry xmas” and “Dafen Cabin.” On the inside of the cabin a marker was used to write “F##k the Authority” along with a list of names, and VAS – Vas arpenter les sommets (stride the summits).

Hikers reported that signs along the trail from the Walami trail-head were also written on.

Yushan National Park authorities have sent a team to try to clean up the graffiti, and have appealed to hikers to respect public resources.

graffiti on the inside walls of a cabin on the Walami traial
Graffiti inside a mountain cabin in Yushan National Park.
graffiti scrawled on a remote cabin in Yushan National Park 2017
French-language graffiti spray-painted on a remote cabin in Yushan National Park, January 2017.
outbuilding at a research center in Yushan National Park are seen vandalized in 2017
An outbuilding vandalized by hikers at a remote research center in Yushan National Park, January 2017.
follow the adventurers message scrawled on a door
“Follow the adventurers.” A message scrawled on the door of Dafen Mountain Cabin in Yushan National Park, January, 2017.
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