9 Vehicle Pile-up on Formosa Freeway

New Taipei City: Four people were injured, one seriously, after a the driver of a small truck lost control of his vehicle and rolled it on Freeway 3 early this morning, Thursday, February 1.

Liberty Times Net describes the series of events as follows.

At around 5:30 am, the driver of a small goods truck (vehicle A) lost control of his vehicle, which landed on its side in the middle of the north-bound lanes of the Freeway at the 36.5 kilometer mark. Vehicle B, a small blue truck was unable to stop in time and hit vehicle A before coming to a stop on the road shoulder. Vehicle C then hit Vehicles A and B.

Vehicle D hit vehicle E, which had come to a stop and avoided the first accident. Vehicle D was then hit by vehicle F. Vehicle G, then hit vehicle H, a tour bus carrying 7 passengers, then vehicle I, another small truck, hit vehicle G.

The driver of vehicle B sustained the most serious injuries, with spine and leg fractures. Police tested all drivers for alcohol and none were found to be over the legal limit.

The accident scene was cleared by 7:05 am.

multi-vehicle freeway accident
cars piled up after a multi-vehicle accident on Freeway 3, February 1, 2018.

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