What response as Chinese military surrounds and harasses Taiwan?

Taiwan’s military forces are on the alert and actively responding to provocative actions by the Chinese military as China lays siege to the island in a “rehearsal” for an encirclement and possible invasion of the island nation, but no international friends have come forward in any significant way to deter the aggressive act.

On the first day of a three-day exercise dubbed “United Sword” by People’s Republic of China, Chinese warships and aircraft crossed the once-respected center line of the Taiwan Strait, and in one case threatened to enter Taiwan’s territorial waters off the coast of southwestern Taiwan.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, April 8), the Chinese PLA Navy destroyer Taiyuan approached the 24-mile contiguous line off the coast at Fangliao, Pingtung County.

In a joint response involving the navy and coast guard, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) dispatched the ROC Navy frigate Di Hua, and the Coast Guard Administration dispatched PP-10079.

The Ocean Affairs Council released video taken on the bridge of the coast guard vessel showing a commander warning the Chinese ship not to cross into restricted waters otherwise action would be taken.

The PLA Navy ship’s maneuver was one of 80 aircraft and ship sorties monitored by Taiwan as of 4:00 pm, April 8, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

On Sunday, April 9, Taiwan’s MND reported 70 sorties, including 35 aircraft, and 11 ship maneuvers that crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait. The MND scrambled aircraft and deployed ships and land-based missile systems in response.

Taiwan Navy deploys the NCSIST-developed Albatross drone to monitor movements of the PLA Navy Type 052DL destroyer Suzhou, April 9, 2023.

The Ministry of National Defense stated that the Eastern Theater Command of the Communist Party of China continues to conduct military exercises around Taiwan. During the period, our army implemented combat readiness drills; the army air force and navy were on alert, and the principle of “no escalation of conflict, no initiation of conflict” was followed appropriately.

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