Wanted man accuses cops of breaching epidemic restrictions by “gathering” to arrest him

A man who was found to be wanted on charges of injury attempted to evade arrest by accusing police of breaching epidemic restrictions that ban people gathering in groups.

The deputy-director of Zhonglu Police Station in Taoyuan City was walking home from work yesterday when he noticed a car parked illegally and affecting traffic safety on Zhongshan Road.

illegally parked vehicle on Zhongshan Road, Taoyuan City.

Officer Lin approached the car and noticed that the driver was asleep. Lin, suspecting possible drunk driving, called patrol officers to the scene to bring an alcohol breath testing kit, and knocked on the window to wake the driver up.

The driver was tested and found not to be affected by alcohol.

The driver of the vehicle was evasive when questioned, and when other police officers arrived, insisted on taking out his phone to call a lawyer.

As the driver refused to show an identity card, the officers insisted he accompany them to the police station for questioning.

At this point, the man pointed out that the officers had gathered around him in a group which was a breach of epidemic prevention guidelines.

However, clearly outnumbered by the officers, the man finally agreed to cooperate.

The evasive man was found to be a 33-year-old suspect named Jian wanted on charges of injury.

After questioning at the police station, Jian was sent to the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office.

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