Volunteers wanted for annual Taiwan national cleanup event June 13

Organizers of the 4th annual Taiwan National Cleanup hope that more than 1,000 volunteers will show up to pick up 10,000 kilograms of trash from the beaches, national parks, and countryside of Taiwan.

Organized by Taiwan Adventure Outings (TAO), and WRAPTIE™, cleanup groups will gather at 22 locations around Taiwan on Saturday, June 13.

Past cleanup events organized by the group have seen a total of 2,000 volunteers pick up around 20,000 kilograms of trash, a TNCU press release said.

Estimates suggest that more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic litter the world’s shores and oceans, equivalent to a truck load of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean every minute, the press release noted.

“The shores of Taiwan are littered with garbage washed up by the ocean currents of SE Asia and beyond. But it is not only overseas garbage that is the problem. Taiwan is a heavy consumer of single use plastics which end up being either dumped or blown into our rivers and countryside, and then carried to the oceans.”

“This event is an opportunity for corporations and individuals alike to learn about the issues our oceans are facing and to take positive action and get involved in the largest clean up day in Taiwan.”

Sponsors of the event include TITOMA, ROXY, and QUICKSILVER.

Organizer WRAPTIE™, has a vested interest in removing plastic from the natural environment. The Australian company uses plastic from recycled plastic bottles to manufacture its products, and has used the equivalent of 50,000 recycled plastic bottles so far, according to it’s web site: and it aims to turn plastic from 1 million single-use bottles into its durable product.

For more information see the Taiwan National Cleanup Facebook group.

map showing locations of cleanup areas for Taiwan National Cleanup 2020
Map showing locations of cleanup areas for Taiwan National Cleanup 2020
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