Vietnamese Worker Dies in 40 Meter Fall

A Vietnamese man died this afternoon after falling from a 40 meter-high fuel storage tank at a CNPC facility currently under construction at Taichung Harbor. Media reports say the man lost his footing in high winds.

Apple Daily reported that the 23 year-old overseas foreign worker named Tran was working atop a Liquid Petroleum Gas storage tank at the west pier of Taichung Harbor when he fell at around 2:15pm.

Firefighters from Taichung Harbor Fire Bureau were dispatched to the scene of the accident and rushed the man to Tung’s Metro Harbor Hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital at 2:56pm, Tran had no vital signs and was declared dead at 3:11pm.

A workmate at the site said that Tran was blown off the storage tank by a strong gust of wind.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration ordered the site closed while an investigation is carried out.

The Wuqi weather station reported that this afternoon had seen winds at the location reach levels of 6 – 9 on the Beaufort scale. Level 9 would see gusts of 75-88 kilometers per hour.

CNPC facility
The CNPC facility at West Pier Taichung Harbor.
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