Vietnam May 8 Protest Pictorial

Pictures from today’s protests in Vietnam against the mass industrial poisoning of the ocean, and the government’s lack of action or transparency over the environmental disaster. The corporate media is understating both the size and extent of the protest, as well as the violence meted out by the government. Reuters, for example is reporting that:

A group of protesters sat on the bank of a big lake in Hanoi before police shepherded them on to a waiting bus, Reuters witnesses said. Demonstrators were also put on buses at a square in front of the nearby Hanoi Opera House.

See pictures below to witness examples of ‘shepharding’.

A protester is manhandled by uniformed and plain-clothed police during a protest on May 8, 2016. Photo: Viet Tan/Facebook
A protester is manhandled by uniformed and plain-clothed police during a protest on May 8, 2016. Photo: Viet Tan
A woman is treated after being injured by police in Vietnam May 8, 2016
A mother holds her daughter while being treated for painful injuries received when protesters and police clashed on May 8, Mother’s Day, 2016 Photo: Viet Tan
A protester is arrested in Vietnam
Communist Party Youth Volunteers arrest a protester in Vietnam during a protest about a massive and ongoing fish kill that the government admits is an environmental disaster of an unprecedented scale. Photo: Viet Tan
a man is treated after being hit with pepper spray
A man is helped by other protesters after being sprayed with pepper spray by police during a protest in Vietnam May 8, 2016 Photo: Viet Tan
protesters in Vietnam May 8, 2016
Protesters sit peacefully in Vietnam on the morning of May 8, 2016. Later, police suppressed the protests and arrested hundreds of people. Photo: Nhật ký yêu nước
Protesters in rural Vietnam
Protesters turned out all over Vietnam, not just in the cities. People in the countryside are the most directly affected by the devastation of marine life. Photo: Viet Tan
Protesters in a rural location in Vietnam May 8, 2016
Protests in Vietnam were not limited to big cities. People were mobilized across the country after continuing inaction by the government over a major environmental disaster. Photo: Viet Tan

This video footage is a compilation from eye-witnesses at the protests in several locations in Vietnam, and the footage should be compared to what ‘official sources’ and corporate media are reporting around the world. Some of the footage may be disturbing to some viewers.
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