Vendor run out of night market by protesters after dogs poisoned in Taipei City

A man suspected of poisoning stray animals around Taipei City’s Beitou District was forced to pack up his stall at the Shilin Night Market yesterday, after protesters gathered with placards and handed out flyers to potential customers.

Mr Wang, 47, was charged with violations of the Animal Protection Act, May 28, after being identified as the person who placed pesticide-laced pet food in locations around Zhong-zheng Senior High School.

From April 30 to May 25, seven dogs and a cat were found dead in the vicinity, including three stray dogs adopted by Zhong-zheng Senior High School.

Pesticide-laced bait found in Beitou District, Taipei City, in May 2019.

Wang, who lives nearby, was identified as a suspect on street camera footage, and police arrested Wang on his farmlet in the Shezi Island area of Shilin District. Pesticide seized at the farm matched that used in baits found around Beitou District. Wang’s fingerprints also matched those found on a flowerpot in which the bait was placed.

Wang at first denied placing the baits, but faced with overwhelming evidence, finally confessed.

However, Wang denied intentionally poisoning the dogs and cats, claiming that electrical wires in his car had been chewed by rats, and that he had intended to poison rats with the baits.

Wang was handed over to the Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office to face charges that carry a penalty of a minimum one year prison sentence, with a maximum five years. And a fine of between NT$500, 000, and NT$5 million.

Dogs poisoned in Beitou District. Picture: Taiwan Animal News.

At around 9:00pm last night, a group of about 20 protesters showed up at the popular Shilin Night Market, where Mr Wang and his wife run a watermelon juice stand. The protesters held up placards, handed out flyers, and shouted at the Wang’s.

Mrs Wang shouted back, proclaiming their innocence. Six police officers were dispatched to keep the two sides separated, and after around half an hour, the Wang’s packed up and left.

The protest incident was broadcast live to an animal advocate Facebook group.

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Sources: Apple Daily, Taiwan Animal News.

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