Two shooting incidents in one day in Taipei City: one fatal

Early Sunday morning, June 16, a man fired a shot at a police officer on Linsen North Road before being arrested, while a parking attendant at a sauna on Chongqing Road was shot dead later the same day.

At around 3:30am Sunday morning, two police officers on patrol on Linsen North road noticed a car suspiciously parked illegally with the motor running and two occupants inside. As the officers approached the vehicle, a man jumped out of the passenger seat and attempted to run away.

A police officer ran in pursuit, and the suspect, a 44-year-old man named Qiu, drew a pistol and fired at the officer. Fortunately, the bullet missed, and Qui then ran onto the road.

As Qiu ran down the middle of Changchun Road, he nearly collided with a taxi travelling in the opposite direction. As he tried to avoid running into the taxi, Qiu lost his balance and fell. Qiu managed to get up but the police officer had caught up with him and with the help of another officer, managed to restrain and arrest him.

Qiu was found to be in possession of two modified handguns, three magazines, and 36 bullets.

Qiu was found to be a member of the Northern Union gang, with a previous record relating to the shooting of a former Taipei City councilor in 2001, during a dispute with the Four Seas gang over the bottled gas distribution business around Shihlin District .

Fatal shooting in Datong District.

Later on Sunday, at around 10:40pm, a 51-year-old gangster named Huang (黃) took a taxi to a well-known sauna on Chongqing Road. Huang was very drunk, and had difficulty getting out of the taxi.

A 62-year-old parking attendant tried to help Huang out of the cab, but for some reason Huang took offense, and began arguing with the parking attendant. Huang then drew a pistol and shot the parking attendant in the face from a distance of just a few meters.

The parking attendant, a father of two, who had worked at the sauna for more than 20 years, lost vital signs as he lay in a pool of blood on the sidewalk, and was later declared dead at the hospital.

Huang ran across the road, and was pursued by employees of the sauna, who caught up with him, and restrained him until police arrived.

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Sources: China Times, CTITV.

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