Toddler Hurt After Drunk Mum Crashes Scooter

[Picture: United Daily News]

A two year-old child received first aid treatment from concerned bystanders after his very drunk mother lost her balance and crashed her scooter in Tainan City today, December 1.

Ms Gao (高) was riding a scooter on Yongda Road in Yongkang District when she suddenly toppled over and crashed the scooter, leaving the two year-old pinned beneath it. The child suffered from multiple abrasions and was bleeding from cuts to his forehead.

A witness to the accident, Ms Wu, said that she was stopped at a red light at an intersection when Ms Gao passed by and suddenly leaned over and crashed, sliding several meters.

Ms Wu rushed to their assistance, pulling the child free, while another scooter rider, Mr Huang (黃), called emergency services. Another passerby rushed to a nearby pharmacy and purchased bandages, and saline solution to wash the wounds.

In the meantime, Ms Gao lay face-down on the road beside the scooter, occasionally making a crawling motion and groaning. An off-duty firefighter attended to Gao and found her heartbeat and breathing was stable, and that the woman reeked of the smell of alcohol. An open 500ml can of Taiwan Gold Label beer lay beside her.

Ambulances and police arrived around 3 minutes after the accident.

After being given first-aid, Ms Gao was given an alcohol breath test which showed Gao had a BrAC of 1.03mg/L (BAC 2.0). The legal limit in Taiwan is BrAC 0.25 mg/L (BAC 0.05%).

drunk driver assisted by paramedics
A woman is helped after falling off her scooter while it was moving, December 1, 2017. Compassion ensued.
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