Teenager Charged for Possession of Sub-machine Gun

A nineteen year-old man in Kaohsiung City was arrested yesterday, after a police raid of his home turned up a Colt 9mm sub-machine gun, a handgun, a homemade bomb, and 175 rounds of ammunition.

According to reports in Apple Daily, and China Times, Kaohsiung Harbor Police Department received a tip-off that a man named Lu (盧) was in possession of firearms in the harbor district.

After further investigations, police acquired a search warrant and raided Lu’s Xiaogang District residence at 9:00am, yesterday, September 18.

police search a suspect's home in Kaohsiung City
Police search Lu’s residence in Kaohsiung City. Picture: Kaohsiung Harbor Police.

A search of the residence uncovered the sub-machine gun, a modified pistol, a homemade bomb, 151 9mm bullets, and 26 bullets for the handgun.

The sub-machine gun was found to be complete and operational. Investigators said that the weapon had an estimated value of more than NT$1 million on the black market, and was capable of firing 700-1,000 rounds per minute.

The unemployed Lu, told police that the weapons were not his, and belonged to a friend. Lu was charged with violations of of the Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act.

Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Bureau are ongoing in how an unemployed 19 year-old came into possession of the weapons, and if the weapons have been fired, or used in other criminal cases.

guns and ammunition

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