Teacher apologizes for using cat in physics experiment

A Taipei City cram school teacher has apologized after receiving widespread condemnation for using a real cat to demonstrate what physicists call “the falling cat problem.”

Physics teacher Lee Feng took to social media late last night to make a public apology after a video of him conducting the experiment went viral yesterday. The video shows Lee holding a ginger cat upside down by its legs before releasing it and letting it fall to the ground in front of a class of students.

Outraged cat lovers flooded Lee’s Facebook page to express their anger. Lee responded by posting an apology at around 3:00 am, stating that he had been conducting a conservation of angular momentum experiment. Lee said that he was the cat’s owner, and had failed to consider the psychological or physical harm of subjecting the cat to the experiment, as well as the noisy environment with a large number of people. He also apologized for not considering the impact of his behavior on the students and wider society.

Lee promised to reflect deeply on his behavior, and promised to find videos of the experiment instead of using a real cat in the future.

Lee also pledged to donate NT$50,000 to a home for stray animals, and promised that he would make it up to his cat “Laifu” by spoiling him with the best canned food and snacks, and letting it snuggle under the blankets with him at night.

cat belonging to physics teacher
“Laifu” will no longer be subjected to the “falling cat problem” physics experiment. Picture from Facebook.
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