“Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act” to be introduced to US Congress this week

A bill to authorize the President of the United States to use force if China attempts a military invasion of Taiwan will be introduced to the US House of Representatives this week, according to comments made by Republican Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) Friday night.

Yoho, chairman of the house Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, made the comments while speaking to Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, July 17.

“With South Korea and Japan and the United States, we’re doing enough. That trilateral arrangement, that agreement between those three countries, that is one of the strongest relationships in national security.”

“Are we doing enough with Taiwan? No. Since Henry Kissinger’s days and forward, there’s been strategic ambiguity about our policies between Taiwan and China.”

“We are introducing a bill next week, and it’s going to be called the Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act, and this is something that’s going to lay very clear what our intent is. In fact, it’ll go to the point where it authorizes an AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) if China invades Taiwan, and it’ll be a sunset for five years, that AUMF, that would authorize the president to use force”.

“Right now, our agreement, and this came out of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, is that we would sell Taiwan enough weapons for them to defend themselves. But when Xi Jinping has announced that he’s ready to draw blood over Taiwan and reunify them, they forgot to ask Taiwan.”

“Taiwan’s never been part of the PRC, and nor do they want to.”

Yoho made the comments while speaking to Dobbs on an episode entitled “Red Storm” which focused on China’s expansionist ambitions in the region.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed gratitude for the support of the US Senate and House of Representatives, according to China Times.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to monitor the progress of the case and maintain close contact with friends in the U.S. Congress and the administration to defend Taiwan’s free and democratic way of life and jointly promote regional peace, stability, and prosperity,” China Times reported.

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