Taiwan East Coast Rocks! 100kg Intercepted at Airport

A box containing stones intercepted by customs officials
One of 5 boxes of stones sent back to the east coast by customs officials who intercepted them at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. Photo: East Coast Scenic Area Administration

Taiwan’s East Coast National Scenic Area Administration Office in Taidong (Taitung) recently received 100 kilograms of rocks in 5 boxes. The rocks were confiscated over a three-month period from Chinese tourists attempting to exit the country with the popular, free, but illegal, souvenirs.

The haul included small stones, easy to slip into your pocket to very large stones, and also a bottle of sand.

Customs officials pointed out that rocks, especially larger ones constitute a flight security risk, as they could be used as a weapon. It is also illegal to remove the stones from their original location under environmental protection regulations.

The Three Immortals in Taitung (Taidong) County, Taiwan
The Three Immortals are a rock formation in Taitung County on Taiwan’s scenic east coast.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau urged tourists not to remove the stones, and warned that those who damaged scenic areas were liable to a fine of up to 500, 000 NTD. They urged tour guides and tourism operators to help enforce the regulations by warning tourists against pocketing stones.

The rocks were shipped home at no charge by the home delivery network Taiwan Pelican Express.

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